What Happens at Dreel Halls

Dreel Halls is owned and managed by Anstruther Improvements Association (AIA), a local community charity, which supports a thriving and resilient community, helping to improve Anstruther for all.

The AIA runs social, artistic, cultural and educational events and activities, mostly at Dreel Halls. We also manage some of the floral displays in Anstruther and provide small grants to local initiatives. In 2014 the AIA took ownership of the former Wester Town and Hew Scott Halls from Fife Council and the Church of Scotland. Renamed Dreel Halls, the spaces now host a wide range of community activities, based on the strengths and needs of the community. These include Anster Cinema, a monthly community cinema in the Lower Hall; Dreel Friends, an intergenerational monthly social; Dreel Babies & Toddlers, a weekly early years meet-up; and Dreel Crafters, a weekly craft group for all ages. 

The AIA is always looking for opportunities to make a difference and for ways to make Dreel Halls more relevant to the lives of people in Anstruther.  Since 2020, with funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, the AIA has been able to employ a Community Development Worker, based at Dreel Halls. You can find out more about this project here.