Future Plans

The Anstruther Improvements Association (AIA) is a local community charity, which aims to build a thriving and resilient community, improving Anstruther for all.

We run social, artistic, cultural and educational events and activities, manage some of the floral displays in Anstruther and provide small grants to local initiatives. In 2014 the AIA secured ownership of the former Wester Town and Hew Scott Halls from Fife Council and the Church of Scotland. Renamed the Dreel Halls, the spaces now host a wide range of community activities, based on the strengths and needs of the community. In 2016 the AIA launched the Anster Cinema, a community cinema in the Lower Hall that screens popular films at least once a month.

The AIA is always looking for opportunities to make a difference and for ways to make Dreel Halls more relevant to the lives of people in Anstruther.

In 2019 the AIA secured funding of £530,000 for the next phase of capital works to upgrade the interior of the building from Fife LEADER (The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas) and the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund. This will improve its long-term sustainability by increasing energy efficiency and extending and increasing its use and will ensure accessibility and an improved experience for all users. The project will incorporate:

  • a DDA-compliant WC on the ground floor
  • upgrading the services, particularly combining 2 heating/ lighting systems
  • creating a flexible, third space to include a better kitchen 
  • new doorways to graveyard and a terraced area, incorporating an ancient well discovered in 2016